Planning Sprints that actually deliver features

The only Notion Template you need to get your Sprint Planning in order, estimations on check and a happy team.

  • Drive your pre-planning

    Most plannings fail because the team leads are not aligned. This template helps drive this alignment, either sync or async, optimizing a successful session.

  • Tame your estimations

    Most sprints fail on their estimations. This template helps you calculate capacity beforehand, drive the discussion between tech lead and PM on team performance and backlog, and keep everyone on check.

  • A transparent process

    Most teams don't understand how Sprints are planned. Our template helps make the process clear and structured so your team buys-in to the decisions and drives delivery of features.

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What people are saying

  • “The product templates are such a time saver! They already guide you in how to think about the task at hand, and then it’s a matter of filling the blanks and refining it! I used the Product Strategy doc and it really helped me overcome the blank document - by jotting some ideas down and identifying areas that I hadn’t thought of. It was a great way of highlighting areas that I hadn’t considered and prompting me to do further research and thinking."

    Francesco Gatta, Senior PM at DataCamp
  • "These templates are invaluable to start any product initiative on the right terms—no more winging it and figuring things out mid-flight!"

    Paulo Gonçalves, Senior PM at Dapper Labs
  • "These templates have been absolute game-changers! They've greatly assisted me in work structuring, from understanding the actual problem we are solving to successful product delivery."

    Joana Fonseca, Product Manager at Student Finance

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